EA World Caw Files & Resources


Here you will find the Caw files for the Sims 3 worlds.  These files have been converted for use in caw using the instructions and research from the Editing Pre-made Worlds thread at MTS.

How to use these files:

Please be aware some issues may arise when using these files.  Most of the issues have already been worked through in the above mentioned thread, Editing Pre-made Worlds. Please refer to this thread for fixes to existing issues.

  • Re-save the file by opening it up in Caw, and choosing “Save as”.
  • Export the world as it stands to make sure it exports, installs, and plays in your game. You don’t want to edit the files, only to find issues after exporting, and yes some graphical issues have been reported.

Base and EP Worlds

Game World
Base Game Sunset Valley
EP01 World Adventures China, Egypt, & France
EP02 Ambitions Twinbrook
EP03 Late Night Bridgeport
EP05 Pets Appaloosa Plains
EP06 Showtime Starlight Shores
EP07 Supernatural Moonlight Falls
EP08 University Life Sims University
EP09 Island Paradise Isla Paradiso
EP10 Into The Future Oasis Landing

Store Worlds

Store Number… World
DOT01 Riverview
DOT02 Barnacle Bay
DOT03 Hidden Springs
DOT04 Lunar Lakes
DOT05 Lucky Palms
DOT06 Monte Vista
DOT07 Sunlit Tides
DOT08 Aurora Skies
DOT09 Dragon Valley
DOT10 Midnight Hollow
DOT11 Roaring Heights